Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Second Birthday, Son.

Dear Henry,

I know I'm a day late, but please don't think we didn't think of you yesterday. We did. You were missed and loved yesterday.

As we were riding in the car, on our way to the grocery store, I said, "Today Baby Henry turns two in heaven." Your big brother wondered if you saw your shadow in Heaven because it was Groundhog Day. Your Daddy and I told him that you probably did, while you were playing with Gpa Duck. We asked him what he thought you were doing in Heaven, and he said, "Playing his baby PS2." Of course. Because he loves his PS2 and wants his brother to be happy up in Heaven--- so that means having a PS2.

The pain of giving you up to God is lessening. Every now and then, between your brother and sister, I get glimpses of the child that you might have been here on earth. Somehow it comforts me when the pain grips my heart too tightly.

Everyone says that it won't hurt someday, that I won't miss you someday. But I think they're wrong. I think that my heart will always ache a little for you. I think that I will always see glimpses of you in your brother and sister and will always miss you.

You are missed, beautiful boy. Have fun in Heaven and tell Gpa Duck not to tickle you so much. He was terrible for that when I was a kid.