Thursday, March 09, 2006

Conversations with Children


The lunch table with the children today.

"Miss Jenette, are you having another baby?"
"No, not right now."
"Good. I don't like babies."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't want them to cut the baby out of my tummy."
"They don't always have to do that."

Two minutes later.

"Miss Jenette, when I have a baby someday, it won't die. Your baby died because you didn't eat enough."
"No, honey, my baby died because he was missing a part of his body."
"What part?"
"Silly, he was missing his kidneys, Miss Karen said so."
"What are kidneys, Miss Jenette?"
"They're a part of your body that helps you go to the bathroom."
"Were your baby's kidneys floating around somewhere?"
I don't know. He just didn't have any kidneys inside of his body."
"I have kidneys."
"Yes, you do."

End of conversation.
Lunch. Not my favorite time some days.